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We firmly believe that all the work we do is for the glory of God and it is only with God that we are able to achieve any success. Prayer is essential so we always appreciate churches and house groups gathering to meet and pray for us. You can use some of the resources on this website to help your meeting. We are also happy to come and join you.


 Occasionally we need help redecorating a house as clients move on and move in. If you would like to be added to our decorating volunteers pool please email us your contact details. We will contact you from time to time to see if you are available.

hope befrienders

Hope Befrienders help to provide crucial support for our clients. This may involve helping to fill in the forms, helping with practical activities and being someone who can listen.

You will be trained for this role.

there are different ways you can volunteer, and these are just a few ideas. please contact our office if you wish to give your time in another way.

we greatly appreciate your efforts and time, as do our clients!

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