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Aims and Values


Hope Housing is a Christian charity that wants to see rough sleeping end in Bradford. We provide supported accommodation, as well as helping our clients work towards an independent life. We provide support through advice and advocacy, job seeking, finding pathways out of addiction, and crisis management. 


Our aim is to end rough sleeping in Bradford. Experiencing homelessness can be incredibly isolating and traumatic. We want our clients to feel heard and seen by us, and for our supported housing to be a place of safety and respite. As a registered Christian charity, we believe that every human being is a child of God, worthy not only of shelter and safety but also of love and respect. It is a privilege to be able to do this important work in Bradford, work that we know is something we are called to do by God. Providing hope in the midst of bleak circumstances saves lives, but is impossible to do by ourselves. Our key principles are to work with others and focus our work on filling gaps in homeless provision so that in our city no one will be left out. All of our support is tailored to each individual and enables even the most disadvantaged to access housing, financial and practical help.

positive pathways

Our work is part of Positive Pathways, Church Urban Fund’s five-year homelessness prevention programme, specifically designed to help people with experience of homelessness move forward in life, focus on developing a broad range of life skills and with an end goal of permanent sustainable accommodation and community integration. A key strength of the Positive Pathways programme is that we have the flexibility to work with people in a relational way, focus on wellbeing interventions and provide support over the medium to long term.

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