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We know that many people want to be able to help and to be able to Give Hope to our clients , our clients who have not known Hope, our clients who have not known what it is to be loved, our clients who have been told that they are useless and will not achieve anything. Well we, like you believe that to be different we believe in Hope and we strive to give Hope to our clients everyday. 


To be able to continue to Give Hope we need your help.


We want to House more people who do not have a Home, who call the pavement their home


We want to be able to employ more staff so we can "Give Hope" to many more people who feel that there is no Hope


We have an opportunity to purchase an already flourishing community centre and office space which will enable Hope Housing to have a stable base but more importantly will enable our clients to attend in- house courses to improve their life skills or to attend courses to fight their addictions, to attend peer groups where they can talk with each other and be part of a community or just simply to come somewhere they can call a safe space and feel welcomed


Please help to "Give Hope " to those who have not known Hope 


what IS give hope? 

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