Hope Housing’s aim

“To reduce homelessness in such ways as may be thought fit within the context of Christian values and practice, based on the biblical mandate to love our neighbour as ourselves.”

Our founder Helen explains how the charity began, how we have grown, and the impact that the Coronavirus pandemic has had on the organisation. All pictures included in the video were taken before the pandemic.

If you want to support the work of Hope Housing you can contact us for our latest volunteering opportunities or for information on how you can partner with us or you donate to the work of Hope Housing here.



Helen is the founder and manager of Hope Housing. It was during her maternity leave with her first child that Helen decided to set up a charity for those most in need in Bradford. In 2008 Helen was helping to feed the homeless at the Sunbridge Road Mission. She would spend hour after hour trying to find places for people to sleep. When no bed could be found Helen would open up her own home. Hope Housing has grown from the spare bedroom of her own home to now offering 41 beds across the city every night. Alongside the accommodation, daily support and prayer is given.


Thierry works with Hope Housing supporting clients on a day to day basis. This involves making sure clients make it to meetings, addressing problems, helping people face up to the reality of their situation and to make progress through those difficulties. He shows genuine care for the clients and builds long lasting friendships with people that extend well beyond their time at Hope Housing.

Thierry has worked with homeless people for many years and knows the importance that care has in helping people recover.


Bobby found himself on the streets after a relationship breakdown and a history of recreational drug use. He couldn't see a way out of his situation and didn't know where to turn. Still addicted to drugs he was welcomed into Hope Housing. He was taken to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting on his first night. Being with Hope Housing gave him the time and opportunity to start to turn around in his life. Bobby still has his struggles but has made a miraculous transformation over the last three years. 

Adrian "Charlie"

Adrian worked from the age of 16, becoming a successful electrician working around the world. By his early 30s he had his own business and a team of people working for him. But after starting to take drugs and being kicked out of home he found himself on the street at the age of 49 having lost everything. 

Adrian is now on the road to recovery, every day he grows stronger dealing with his addictions and he firmly believes that he will recover and be able to fully contribute to society again soon.